Happy Father's Day

Creative Arts

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Why I gotta make my father feel exceptionally gleeful this father’s day…? – is because, he is the one who has touched my life with his special hands to raise me up and make me fight my fears.

He didn’t tell me how to live, he lived, and let me watch him do it. He is the one who believed in me, stood by me & I stood tall. He is the weight of his children’s world. His love is as high as mountains that reaches the sky and flows in my heart. He is my strength when I am weak. He is the one and only lifting up his children by living out of town and working hard. He has always been my true inspiration; he is the one who sees through my yes when I couldn’t see & he made my all dreams come true. I easily understand his importance in my life being far from him. He calls me daily twice to see if her daughter is fine. He is the one who sees the best in me. He cherishes my every achievement. He is my care taker, my idol, my motivator, my helper in achieving my goals. I am blessed to have him, whatever I am, wherever I stand is because he loves me.

I feel that we should proudly gift our dad this beautiful art which will convey our infinite love and deep inner feelings that will please him towards the creativity and warmth that has been showered in this art.

-Shreyasi Mittal

So come on friends, make your father feel special on this father’s day by instilling various colors of happiness in his life, knock our doors to grab this art.

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